Damn Yankees - Brockley Jack Studio 2014

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Friday, 4 April, 2014
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Bona Ruocco

Spending a night out at the fringe can be a little unpredictable as one is not quite sure what to expect. But a night out surely has to be entertaining - or what's the point of it all? I took my seat in the intimidate Jack Studio Theatre and watched a very hard-working ensemble cast put on a great show packed with enjoyable songs and some good comedy moments.

A mere five weeks before this year's Eurovision Song Contest, I also witnessed a Bucks Fizz moment when the show's sex kitten, Lola, played by Charlotte Donald, had a helping hand (from a member of the audience) to remove her skirt. I do like a bit of audience participation, but only when it doesn't involve myself!!

Damn Yankees is a musical comedy based on the classic Broadway musical. It centres around Joe Boyd, played by Liam Christopher-Lloyd, who trades his soul to the Devil, played by Paul Tate, in order to help his favourite baseball team beat the New York Yankees. He is then transformed into baseball star Joe Hardy and that's when the fun really begins.

Special mention has to be made of the choreography - superbly done by Becky East. We even saw the splits and 'dancing' on roller skates. Two awards deserve to be given out. Firstly, to Amber-Rose Summers (as Sister Miller) for best comedy performance and general silliness. Amber-Rose excels as an over-enthusiastic fan of Joe Hardy and I wish we had seen more of her. My second award goes to Adam Samuel Bal (as Sohovik) for being so energetic and nimble on his feet. He was flinging himself around the stage, high-kicking, and displaying great facial expressions at the same time.

Entertaining? Yes definitely. Worth a night out? Absolutely.

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