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"...if the result is a triumph, it is because of the production's enfolding intimacy and an imaginative stroke of casting....Maybe this will never be Sondheim's most loved show; but what this production beautifully communicates is the unstoppable force of passion."
Michael Billington for The Guardian

"Everything about Passion is breathtaking."
Mark Shenton for The Stage

"I never thought I could love Passion, and maybe now I do."
Matt Wolf for The Arts Desk

"I watched Jamie Lloyd’s superb new production in a state of rapt concentration, and at the end felt I had witnessed a masterpiece...You may either love or hate this show, but it is impossible to feel indifferent to its raw power and emotional candour."
Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"Passion, despite its gorgeousness, feels cold. Not so much a passionate work as a consideration of what it means to be passionate, it has too narrow an emotional range. It shows Sondheim at his most operatic, but for all the gestures in the direction of Puccini there are no soaring arias to carry us aloft. The characters are unsympathetic, and the humourless storytelling results in their drama lacking real humanity."
Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard

"Elena Roger's Fosca is a performance to die for."
Paul Callan for Daily Express

" Jamie Lloyd's Donmar revival of this rebarbative 1994 musical makes a compelling case for its power to unsettle and affront."
Paul Taylor for Independent

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