Sliding with Suzanne

Written by Judy Upton.
Director: Max Stafford-Clark
Producer: Royal Court / Out of Joint
Starring: Loo Brealey, Bryan Dick, Monica Dolan, Roger Frost, June Watson, Danny Worters.
Synopsis:Suzanne, 35 and on the slide, runs back home to Brighton in search of a new start. But home is a place where big breaks are scarce. And kids grow up - fast. So how do you find what you want in a place like this? And who do you find it with? A single foster mum trying to turn her life around, Suzanne relies on her caustic humour to see her through.

A round up of the press notices......

This production has received mixed reviews from the popular press...... BENEDICT NIGHTINGALE for THE TIMES says, "Judy Upton's new play doesn't quite ring true."He goes on to say, "There are respects in which plausibility is a problem, and a serious one." He says, "It’s hard to believe that this soft-centred boy(Luka) would flatten a hedgehog with his feet, beat up a shopkeeper, and chase a love-rival with a knife." CHARLES SPENCER for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says Judy Upton's, "new play, ...comes over as that rarest of phenomena - a contemporary play with a Right-wing agenda. If Margaret Thatcher went to see it she would be appalled by the language and much of the action but would, I suspect, end up applauding its sentiments". He goes on to say, "The play sparkily captures the poignant confusion of teenagers brought up by parents who are more infantile than they are..." NICHOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STANDARD says, "Sliding with Suzanne proves to be an emotionally rousing roller coaster." He goes on to describe the play as a "meticulous, superlatively acted production". RHODA KOENIG for THE INDEPENDENT didn't like it saying "It's downhill all the way." GERALD BERKOWITZ for THE STAGE says, "Upton's play wants to be a sympathetic study of people right at the edge of having no chances left, but its unattractive characters and soap opera plot doom it." JOHN PETER for THE SUNDAY TIMES says, "The writing can be a bit deliberate, but it has great power and anguish."

Photos by John Haynes

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