The Power of Yes

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Tuesday, 6 October, 2009

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"This piece is not so much a play proper as an artfully arranged dramatisation of the research that could have led to one...It's honourable, lucid, tenacious, and a little dull."
Paul Taylor for Independent

"One wishes that Hare had also given us a bit of human drama."
Benedict Nightingale for The Times

"It proves yet again that theatre has the capacity to instruct delightfully, and to make sense of the world...Hare's portrayal of capitalism's collapse is engrossing."
Michael Billington for The Guardian

"The play provides us with a great deal of hard information and expert explanation. As drama, however, it is hard going."
Charles Spencer for Daily Telegraph

JEREMY AUSTIN for THE STAGE says, "It’s compelling. It is a masterpiece of storytelling."
Jeremy Austin for The Stage

"The drama lacks a true emotional centre and a decisive argumentative punch."
Henry Hitchings for Evening Standard

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