The Wild Duck

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Tuesday, 13 December, 2005

Genre: Drama
Opened 13 Dec 2005
Written: by Henrik Ibsen , in a new translation by David Eldridge.
Directed: Michael Grandage
Cast: Ben Daniels , William Gaunt , Paul Hilton , Nicholas Le Provost , Susan Brown , Peter Eyre , Michelle Fairley , Sinead Matthews .
Synopsis:Should the truth be pursued, whatever the cost? The idealistic son of a wealthy businessman seeks to expose his father's duplicity and to free his childhood friend from the lies on which his happy home life is based.

What the critics had to say.....
NICHOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STANDARD says, " Beautifully nuanced and acted revival. "ALASTAIR MACAULAY for THE FINANCIAL TIMES says, " It is a grey evening until the final scene, which hits hard and harrowingly." PAUL TAYLOR for THE INDEPENDENT says, "Beautifully judged and absorbing piece of work." CHARLES SPENCER for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "...The other extraordinary quality of this wonderful that it goes so against the grain of so much that Ibsen had written previously...This is, in short, a masterly production of a masterpiece." MICHAEL BILLINGTON for THE GUARDIAN says, "The pleasure of seeing Ibsen's 1885 masterpiece, in its first London showing for 15 years, lies in relishing its blend of faultless technique and thematic timelessness." BENEDICT NIGHTINGALE for THE TIMES says, "Michael Grandage’s revival as a whole, is as unpretentious, understated and subtle as it is powerful and gripping."

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Production photo by Johan Persson

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