Dianne Pilkington

Dianne Pilkington starred in The 39 Steps at the Criterion Theatre

7th June

Place of birth?
Billinge, Wigan

Did you go to training school, if so which one?
I went to Guildford School of Acting (G S A)

Briefly tell us how you became involved with The 39 Steps
I became involved in the 39 steps through the usual audition process

Your first stage performance?
Either aged 3 as all the characters in a nativity due to everyone else having chickenpox, or Les Miserables professionally!

Career highlight to date?
Glinda in Wicked obviously was a huge highlight

What roles would you most like to play?
I would love to do more Sondheim and some TV

What's the best advice you've ever received?
From a singing teacher who warned me not to look like a notorious serial killer when I sing. It certainly helped to relax my face!

What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?
In the Boy George musical Taboo when my halterneck strap broke during singing Karma Chameleon. There was a little too much on display!

If you had not become a performer, what might you have done instead?
Something to do with books. Writer or librarian!

Favourite after-show haunts
I love to go to a gig in Camden after a show, usually my fiancee's band The Vinyl Stitches

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?
I'd like to meet Anne Boleyn and I would say very little in case I got thrown in the Tower of London!

What was the last book you read, and name some of your favourite authors?
I'm reading The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson at the moment. I love Phillippa Gregory and Jasper Fforde.

What was the last film you saw, and name some of your favourite movies?
I loved Avatar! I'm really into anything funny at the moment. My other half introduced me to Will Ferrell, he's hysterical

Favourite TV programs?
Love Murder She Wrote and EastEnders! But also love Mock The Week and Smack the Pony

Favourite holiday destinations?
Off to Maldives soon for honeymoon!

Do you have any hobbies?
My hobby is reading. And maybe bikram yoga

Do you have any superstitions?
I develop new superstitions every show tailored to the show. In Wicked I had certain bits of the show I would recite obsessively.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?
I would take my fiancee, his guitar and an e book with all my favourites in!

What are your future plans?
My future plans include a wedding and my debut album

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