Video: David Haig on his D-Day play Pressure landing in the West End

David Haig in Pressure

On 6th June 1944, General Eisenhower gave the go ahead for forces to land on the beaches of Normandy, heralding in the end of the Second World War. But there was one enemy threatening to blow months of preparations straight out of the water: the weather.

Meteorologist Captain James Stagg was responsible for forecasting the weather of that fateful day, and advised Eisenhower that the operation should go ahead, despite his American counterparts predicting doing so could have disastrous consequences.

David Haig brings this story to life on stage, having written Pressure about the four-day build-up to the world-altering decision, and taking on the lead role of Stagg himself. Mark Shenton said Haig “masterfully pulls off a double triumph, delivering a brilliant performance in a fine play” in his review of the original London production.

Ahead of its West End transfer from the Park Theatre, we spoke to Haig, and actors Laura Rogers and Malcom Sinclair about the play, which opens on the 74th anniversary of the landings.

Pressure is at the Ambassadors Theatre until 1st September.

Pressure tickets are available now.


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