A Red Threatening Sky by FoolishPeople from 11 Feb

FoolishPeople presents A Red Threatening Sky written and directed by John Harrigan, at the Old Abattoir, a fringe venue in Clerkenwell in city of London, from 11 to 20 Feb 2010.

An immersive Valentine’s event combining performance,art installation and investigative interaction to create Club Aethereus; a strange and surreal underworld of Gnostic Noir. A place where crime, passion, the sacred and profane all cast one shadow.

The Valentinian. Harry wakes with no memory of how he arrived inside the club. He has been contracted to find a missing person. Pearl.

The Hotel room. Her hands and feet are bound and a hood hides her face. Teddy boy philosopher Roy Boutling watches the prize for the club’s owner. Sebastian Qyain.

The Aviary. The birds song has become distressed. The ornithologist Miss Moreau waits for her lover, a man whose face she has never seen.

The Dance Floor. The showgirls receive a letter from Sebastian Qyain. It contains the revised ending of the Valentine’s show at Club Aetherus, directing them in a horrifying act.

Opening hour approaches under a red threatening sky.

Featuring choreography by Johan Stjernholm, FoolishPeople will be working with Space Engineering in a first-time collaboration. Space Engineering is an experimental dance company on the crossroads between art and science, bringing together artists and research on the body and movement.

Not suitable for people with a nervous disposition!

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