A Resounding Tinkle by N.F. Simpson at Rosemary Branch

Steel Theatre presents A Resounding Tinkle, by N.F. Simpson, at The Rosemary Branch, a fringe venue in north London, from 12 to 23 Oct 2010.

Directed by Kim Moakes, designed by Katerina Angelopoulou , cast Ben Higgins. Lizzy Mace. Alex Morgan. Hayley Richardson.

Bro and Middie Paradock are your average couple; they’re interested in politics, enjoy a good book with coffee, and get an elephant delivered once a year. But what happens when the elephant is the wrong size? And is it really possible to turn Bro into a computer? Will the technician hold up the action for longer than is absolutely necessary? Perhaps the arrival of son, Don will return life to normality. This, of course, entirely depends on what normality is and whether there was any of it in the first place.

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