African Snow at Trafalgar Studios from 24 April

African Snow at Trafalgar Studios from 24 April

African Snow, by Murray Watts, concerning the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, and exposing an unfinished business, is at the Trafalgar Studios One, from 24 April to 5 May 2007

Directed by Paul Burbridge, the cast includes Israel Oyelumade, Roger Alborough, Mensah Bediako, Emmanuella Cole, Antonia Kemi Coker Chris Jack, Rex Obano, Kenny Thompson

It is designed by Sean Cavanagh, lighting by Ben Cracknell, music by Ben Okafor. Produced by Riding Lights Theatre Company in partnership with York Theatre Royal.

In 1807 There Were 4 Million People In Slavery Worldwide

In 2007 There Are Over 20 Million...

African Snow is the meeting of two men, cast from opposite sides into the hell of the slave trade ­ Olaudah Equiano, stolen from his home in West Africa, and John Newton, the converted slave-trader who later gave the world its most famous hymn, Amazing Grace.

Bringing them face to face, however, is perhaps beyond the scope of human reason. African Snow takes us to the heart of the human condition to the place where two men are compelled to confront one another. Can victim and abuser ever be reconciled?

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