All That Fall transfers to the Arts Theatre

Out of Joint theatre company will transfer their production of All That Fall by Samuel Beckett to the Arts Theatre in London's West End, following a successful run at Wilton's Music Hall. The production will run from 13 April to 14 May 2016, with an official opening on 18 April 2016.

Beckett's one-act radio play has been adapted for live performance, with audiences being blindfolded as the cast move about them in the auditorium, their voices joined by a surround-sound design by Dyfan Jones.

"A bawdy and unpredictable tale, it charts the faltering journey of elderly Maddy Rooney as she ventures along a country road to surprise her blind husband at the train station for his birthday treat. Along the way she is helped and hindered by a series of colourful characters; but when she is united with her husband, she is confronted with a strange and harrowing event that makes him seem a stranger."

First broadcast in 1957 All That Fall is one of Beckett’s most accessible and naturalistic plays and was the first time Beckett centred his work on a female protagonist.

The cast will feature Brid Brennan, Tara Flynn, Frank Laverty and Ciaran McIntyre. Adrian Dunbar will star as 'Mr Rooney' from 18 April with Gary Lilburn as 'Mr Rooney' from 13 – 16 April.

The production opened to strong reviews at Wilton's Music Hall where we described it as a "careful and visionary production [that] provides an invigorating auditory treat".

Speaking to Out of Joint's director Max Stafford-Clark, he told us about getting the rights to the play: "The Beckett Estate wrote to me and asked me what my vision was for the play, I knew the estate had refused the rights to Olivier and Bergman previously, so I knew that the right answer was that my vision is no vision at all...".

Read our full interview with Max Stafford-Clark here.

Tickets for the transfer are now on sale.

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