Almeida Theatre, future productions

Almeida Theatre, future productions

Future Almeida Theatre productions have been announced, which are all to be performed at Omega Place, King's Cross:

Neil LaBute will direct the world premiere of his latest play, The Shape of Things , opening on 30th May 01, following previews from 24th May 01 and running until 23rd Jun 01. Set designs are by Giles Cadle, costume design is by Lynette Meyer, and lighting by Mark Henderson. How far would you go for love? For art? What would you be willing to change? Which price might you pay? This play digs into these ideas by peeling back the skin of two modern relationships, revealing all the meat and gristle that lies below.

Jonathan Kent will direct David Hare's new adaptation of Chekhov's Platonov , which opens on 11th Sep 01, following previews from 30th Aug 01 and will run until 10th Nov 01. Designs are by Paul Brown, with lighting by Mark Henderson. A Russian schoolmaster faces up to the implications of being irresistibly attractive to four different women.

Jonathan Kent directs KEN STOTT in Brian Friel's Faith Healer, which opens on 28th Nov 01 following previews from 22nd Nov 01 and runs until 19th Jan 02. Designs are by Rob Howell, and lighting by Mark Henderson. The play follows the travels to remote villages in the British Isles of faith healer Frank Hardy - part con-man, part genuine artist - his wife Grace, and his manager Teddy. As each character takes the stage, conflicting portraits of their life together are revealed. The dark secrets of their past are uncovered, culminating in a horrifying conclusion in Frank and Grace's Irish homeland.

OLIVER FORD DAVIES will play the title role in Jonathan Kent's production of Shakespeare's KING LEAR, in early 2002 (dates to be announced)

Almeida Opera 2001 will run from 28th Jun 01 to 14th Jul 01. This year's season includes.....

The British premiere of Alexandra Goehr's Japanese opera Kantan and Damask Drum, (Four performances 28th, 30th Jun & 2nd & 9th July at 7.30pm) directed and designed by Tim Hopkins, with costumes by Tanya Spooner and lighting by Rodney Grant. The Sinfonia 21 will be conducted by David Parry. The cast includes DARREN ABRAHAMS, RICHARD BURKHARD, WYNNE EVANS, NIGEL ROBSON, and EMMA SELWAY. These two operas are a double-bill of mordant, bitter tales about the presumptions of youth and the indignities visited on the aged. Inspired by the beauty and delicacy of Noh Theatre, Goehr unmasks the hopes and fears of two men at different ends of their lives. (The operas are sung in English).

The British premiere of John Casken's God's Liar, directed by Keith Warner in a co-production with Theatre de la Monnaie, Brussels, will have three performances at King' s Cross on 6th, 10th, & 14th July 01. Text is by John Casken and Emma Warner, set design is by John Lloyd Davies, costumes by Roswitha Gerlitz and lighting by John Lloyd Davies. The Almeida Ensemble is conducted by Ronald Zollman. The cast includes LOIUSE INNES, JEFFREY LENTZ, DANIEL NORMAN and OLAFUR SIGURDSON. This Opera is based on Tolstoy's 19th century novella 'Father Sergius'. It follows the moral and spiritual journey of cavalry officer Stephen, as he embraces and then resigns the church, ending his life as a vagrant in Siberia. This epic story is told through the eyes of a modern-day film maker, as a script is made from the fragments of Father Sergius's life.

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