Anti-war play "Madness Of George Dubya" at Arts Theatre 2 Apr 03

Anti-war play "Madness Of George Dubya" at Arts Theatre 2 Apr 03

The anti-war play Madness Of George Dubya, by Justin Butcher will transfer to the Arts Theatre from 2 April 03.

In response to the war in the Gulf playwright Justin Butcher – whose solo show “Scaramouche Jones” (starring Pete Postlethwaite) had its London premiere at Riverside Studios in October 2002 – decided – like a mad fool – to fling together an anti-war play in a matter of days, rehearse it in a week and bung it on asap in London.

Madness Of George Dubya (or “Strangelove Revisited”) had a run at the fringe venues, Theatro Technis and Pleasance Theatre in recent months and has now secured a West End transfer. The show is expected to be updated according to the current international situation!

The cast of the fringe run are expected to remain in the show: Jamie Bower, Nicholas Burns, Simon de Deney, Lindsey Ellis, Clement von Franckenstein, Harry Napier

"It’s a wild, knockabout farce – an update of Dr Strangelove, with elements of Accidental Death of an Anarchist thrown in, featuring satirical songs by Tom Lehrer and others and is intended to be hugely entertaining as well as very punchy:"

"Tension is mounting in the Gulf, war drums are beating in Britain and America, and the commanding general of a US air base in Britain goes 'a little funny in the head' and orders his airborne division, each armed with countless megatons of nuclear missiles, to attack their primary targets in Iraq. It's a frantic race against time for President George Dubya and Prime Minister Tony to recall the planes and prevent an all-out war in the Middle East......"

"A rollercoaster ride through the delights and terrors of the global war, coming soon to a town near you!"

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