Behud (Beyong Belief) by G K Bhatti at Soho 13 Apr

Belgrade Theatre and Soho Theatre presents Behud (Beyong Belief), By Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti at the Soho Theatre, in central London, from 13 April to 8 May 2010. (Following the World Premiere at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry - 27 March to 10 April)

Directed by Lisa Goldman, and starring Lucy Briers, Priyanga Burford, Ravin J Ganatra, Shiv Grewal, John Hodgkinson, Chetna Pandya, Avin Shah.

Designed by Hannah Clark, lighting by Richard G Jones, sound by Matt McKen.

In December 2004, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti's play Behzti (depicting rape and murder in a Sikh temple) rocked the world of theatre when it was sensationally cancelled after protests in Birmingham, forcing the playwright into hiding. The closure of the play sparked a vehement debate about offence and freedom of speech. In Behud, a playwright attempts to make sense of the past by visiting the darkest corners of her imagination. Set amidst the theatre establishment, politicians and protesters, Behud is a response to the events surrounding Behzti.

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