Bel-Ami - The Musical at the Charing Cross Theatre

London College of Music and University of West London present Bel-Ami - The Musical, by Alex Loveless, based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant, at the Charing Cross Theatre, an Off West End venue in central London, from 19 Feb to 1 Mar 2014.

Directed by Chris Loveless, designed by Laura Clark, choreography by Anthony Whiteman. The musical will receive its world premiere at Watermans Theatre in Brentford Middlessex on 5 Feb 2014 and will run there until 8 Feb, before transferring to the Charing Cross Theatre.

Set in London 2014. Disillusioned former soldier George Dury joins the ranks of his friend’s newspaper, working his way up to become editor of the celebrity gossip column ‘Bel-Ami’. Manipulating his way into the highest echelons of British society by charming, seducing and blackmailing those who cross his path, he is rewarded with ever-increasing wealth and prestige. But his ultimate goal will always be power.

Bel-Ami - The Musical contains a modern score which includes various musical genres such as dance, rap, R&B and alternative rock. Guy de Maupassant's novel has been turned into a contemporary social satire and set against the backdrop of a US-led invasion of Iran, featuring phone hacking journalists, corrupt MPs and greedy oligarchs.

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