Karen McLachlan's Betty , has posted early closing notices for 3rd Aug 02 after a run of only 4 weeks at the Vaudeville Theatre. (it was booking to 28th Sep 02)

The show opened to mixed to poor reviews from the popular press a couple of weeks ago... NICHOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STANDARD says, "For anyone in search of smutty, juvenile drivel on stage, Betty ....should be just the ticket." He goes on to say, "The monologues are about as glaringly post-modern as Lionel Blair." PAUL TAYLOR for THE INDEPENDENT says, "For all its attempts at varying the mood, Kathy Burke's production can't disguise the over-stretched, one-joke nature of the piece." SUSANNAH CLAP for THE OBSERVER says, "Betty could have been brilliant as a dirty five-minute sketch, but it's direly over-extended at 75 minutes." DOMINIC MAXWELL for TIME OUT says, "Rather glib satire".

Directed by Kathy Burke, this one woman show, which was originally a hit at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe two years ago, features the Geraldine McNulty and tells the story of naive spinster Betty Buchanan whose eyes are opened when her washing machine spins out of control on her 49th birthday...

Awakened to dizzying new heights of pleasure, the confused Betty sets off on a bizarre pilgrimage with hilarious and unexpected results in a desperate attempt to rid herself of her addiction tho the spin cycle!


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