Black Sunday by Aequitas Theatre Company at Pirate Castle

Black Sunday, by Aequitas Theatre Company, at the Pirate Castle in Camden, north London, from 1 to 7 Aug 2012, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival.

Debt is everywhere – it is 21st century life. Black Sunday is here! It is now! When the global economy collapses in an alternate London, blame, deceit, denial, and mayhem ensue. Society gets sick, but do the people? What happens now? Whose fault is the debt crisis?

Black Sunday is about people. It is London from every stratosphere, including a politician, a student, an heiress to a football club fortune, an artist living on benefits, and a banker. Center stage is a homeless person, played by the voices of real people who are living on London’s streets. As the binds of debt wind around the characters, denial, finger pointing, and panic set in. The debt starts to domino and everybody’s lives are changed forever.

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