Bluebird by Simon Stephens at the Tabard Theatre

Two Shillings and Sixpence company will present Bluebird by Simon Stephens at the Tabard Theatre from 5 to 30 May 2015, with an official opening on 6 May 2015.

Directed by Amanda Root, the cast includes Christien Anholt, Malcolm Freeman, Selina Giles, Lisa Gorgin, Mark Griffin, Jennifer Hannah, Emma Louise-Saunders, Nicholas Newman, Daniel O’Meara, and Emma Saunders.

The drama follows Jimmy, a mini cab driver, over the course of one night in London, exploring the city’s A-roads, back alleys and the lives that dwell around them. Jimmy listens as his ‘fares’ tell their individual stories in the back of his Nissan. He hears from a father mourning the murder of his daughter, a bouncer’s memory of a violent night at his club, a disillusioned engineer of London’s underground, as well as, finally, Jimmy’s estranged wife Claire. Because as it turns out, Jimmy’s own is the darkest story of all.

The play originally premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 1998, reveals the compassion and comedy of everyday life as Jimmy and his passengers uncover a shared loneliness that speaks louder than their words.

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