Brainville at Night by Alexander Moschos at Jack Studio

First Draft presents Brainville at Night, by Alexander Moschos, at the Jack Studio Theatre, a 50-seat fringe venue in Brockley, south London, from 14 to 23 Feb 2013.

Directed by Matthew Parker, designed by Sara Polonghini, cast includes Sophie Dora-Hall, Robert Hickson, Illona Linthwaite, Eddie Usher, Julia Faulkner, Fleur Shepherd.

Step into the belly of the Blue Whale, where the dancers are hot and the music is cool. You're handed a drink sent by a mysterious woman at the end of the bar, who invites you to take a trip on her own special rollercoaster. Brainville at Night is a stylish adventure into the film noir-ish world of Ingrid's memories and imagination. So what if the doctors tell her that she lacks insight and the ability to empathise? Nothing is going to stop Ingrid – labels like 'fronto-temporal dementia' never meant anything to her anyway. Whatever happens, she carries the love, excitement and romance of her life within her. Now if only we could convince the doctors to come along.

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