Bread and Roses - Winter 2015 Season Announced

The Bread and Roses Theatre, a new pub fringe venue in Clapham, south west London, have announced their season for Winter 2015, featuring:

6 to 11 January 2015
Rare Moustache and First Light Theatre present If Only ... by Michel Tremblay in a translation by Bill Findlay and Martin Bowman. Directed by Stephen Whitson and with set design by Alex Doidge-Green. Cast includes Marianne Adams and Monty d'Inverno. Synopsis: "Tremblay pays homage to his mother who nurtured his imagination and love for theatre and the arts. The play offers glimpses of the pair at five different stages of their lives together, culminating in his reassurance of his dying mother's concern for him immediately prior to his 'spectacular' success."

13 to 18 January 2015
Cat The Play by Richard Hardwick and Jamie Beamish. Synopsis: "The story of ‘Dave the Cat’, and how he was sacked from the original production of that famous musical Cats on opening night, and has never quite recovered. As he stands on stage in his ‘magnificent’ cat costume, he lets us into a world of backstage drama, romance and intrigue, but as his story begins to unfold, his world becomes a much darker place. "

27 January to 14 February 2015
Fentiman present Romeo and Rosaline by Sharon Jennings, directed by Matthew Gould. Synopsis: "The story of Romeo’s first love, Rosaline. With each scene mirroring the action of Shakespeare’s original, we watch the tragi-comedy of someone who thinks she’s the main character, but who isn’t really in it at all."

3 to 7 March 2015
Mahim Productions present Mrs Shufflewick by Devon Cox, directed by Preece Killick. Synopsis: "'Weak-willed and easily led,' Mrs. Shufflewick was a red-nosed, drunken old cockney who liked nothing better than to prop up the Cock and Comfort with a large G&T. And end up starkers on top of a 29 bus. Tottering through the theatres, clubs, radios, televisions and graveyards of 60’s and 70’s Britain. Gay icon, comic’s comic, housewife’s favourite, music hall great and one of radio and TV’s most original and brilliant creations, Mrs. Shufflewick presents an intimate sketch of creator Rex Jameson’s gin-soaked back-stage life and his struggles with his past —abandoned by his mother—as well as his present—engaged in a series of abusive relationships to young working-class thugs—all interspersed with the 'uproariously funny' stand-up acts."

10 to 14 March 2015
Burntout Theatre presents Muscovado by Matilda Ibini. Synopsis: "About slavery in Nineteenth Century Barbados. A heady mix of sexual intrigue, piercing choral music and extreme racial tension, Muscovado offers an intimate snapshot of life on the Fairbranch sugar plantation, accompanied by an original musical score and atmospheric soundscape performed live."

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