Cardboard Citizens present Home Truths at The Bunker

Ambitious new season announced for Cardboard Citizens.

Cardboard Citizens

Cardboard Citizens have today announced a season of new work at The Bunker Theatre in south London this April. Presented in an immersive format the nine new plays will look back at the history of UK housing, from the Victorian housing crisis through Heathcote Williams’ true story of squatting in the 1970s to the ravages of Rachmanism in the 1950s and white flight in the 21st century.

Divided into three cycles, the season runs from 17 April to 13 May 2017, with official openings on 20, 21 and 22 April 2017. Audiences can choose to see one full cycle or purchase multi-cycle tickets for the whole season.

Playwrights who have written new work for the season include: Sonali Bhattacharyya, Lin Coghlan, EV Crowe, Anders Lustgarten, Stef Smith, Nessah Muthy, Chris O’Connell, David Watson and Heathcote Williams with Sarah Woods. The productions will be individually directed by Cardboard Citizen’s Founder and Artistic Director Adrian Jackson and Caitlin McLeod. They will all feature designs by James Turner, lighting by Elliot Griggs, sound and composition by Lewis Gibson and Tom Parkinson, and costume by Holly Henshaw, with casting to still be announced.

Artistic Director Joshua McTaggart says: “We are really excited to welcome Cardboard Citizens and its hugely ambitious Home Truths to The Bunker this April. The company's 25 years of theatre making has celebrated and championed values close to the heart of The Bunker: community engagement, social issues and event theatre. We cannot wait to hear the stories being told by these nine playwrights and for The Bunker to become home to a gang of actors bringing these necessary stories to life.”

Cardboard Citizens is an award-winning theatre company and one of the world’s leading practitioners of Forum Theatre. It has toured across hostels, day centres and prisons for the past 25 years, bringing theatre to the most marginalised in society. Through bold and immersive theatre, the company breaks down conventional divisions between audiences and performers.

Tickets for the Home Truths series are now on sale.

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