Cast update for Last of The Duchess at Hampstead Theatre from 20 Oct

Cast update for the World Premiere of The Last of The Duchess, by Nicholas Wright, based on the book by Caroline Blackwood, at the Hampstead Theatre, a fringe venue, in north London, from 20 Oct to 26 Nov 2011.

Anna Chancellor ( Lady Caroline Blackwood), Sheila Hancock (MaItre Suzanne Blum), Angela Thorne (Lady Mosley).

Directed by Richard Eyre, lighting by Peter Mumford.

1980. The Sunday Times plans a Snowdon portrait of the long-reclusive Duchess of Windsor. Lady Caroline Blackwood, novelist, wit and journalist, is sent to the Windsor mansion near Versailles to secure it. She immediately finds herself locked in battle with the Duchess’s formidable lawyer, Maître Suzanne Blum. But she soon finds Blum an even more fascinating figure than the Duchess herself. Is this eccentric and energetic French presence determined to protect the Duchess – or perhaps hide unscrupulous manipulation of her money and fame? How did she get power of attorney over the Windsor fortune? And why is no one allowed to see the Duchess?

(With such a top cast being directed by Trevor Nunn, there is a good chance this show may transfer to the West End if it receives positive notices from the popular press!)

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