Casting announced for "The Dice House" at the Arts Theatre from 4 Feb 04

Casting announced for "The Dice House" at the Arts Theatre from 4 Feb 04

Casting has been announced for The Dice House, by Paul Lucas, inspired by Luke Rhinehart's cult classic novel The Dice Man, which opens at the Arts Theatre 10 Feb 04, following previews from 4 Feb 04, and booking to 27 Mar 2004.

The cast includes: Neil Boorman, Jeremy Crutchley, Neal Foster, Jim Low, Benedict Martin, Matthew Noble , Lucy Scott

It is directed by Graeme Messer, and produced by Dice House Productions / The Birmingham Stage Company / John Newman For Newpalm Productions/ Old Red Lion Theatre and Peter Wolff.

The Dice House unfolds in a commune run by maverick psychiatrist Dr. Ratner where the patients are encouraged to surrender all their decisions to the roll of the dice. When Ratner¹s rival Dr Drabble hurls one of his own patients into the clinic to kidnap an inmate - his wife - a comic romp of Pythonesque proportions ensues. The Dice House is a glorious glimpse of how insane life could be if determined by the dice - and how ordinary it can be if it isn¹t!

Luke Rhinehart ­ Author of "The Dice Man" says of this production "Oh, what a treat it was to read Paul Lucas¹ s play THE DICE HOUSE. This play is hilarious. It is a wonderful marriage of his great comic talent and the absurd material of my book. It¹s my favourite Dice Man inspired work".

Uniquely for a theatre show, a roll of the dice can also decide the ticket price. Each theatre patron will have the choice of buying the set-priced tickets ­ or they can choose to roll six dice to determine their Dice Price for the performance. Prices range from £6 to £36. The odds dictate there is only a 1 in 46,656 chance of paying the full price - or the cheapest price! Dice law dictates the average price will be £21 (but that only affects the theatre management: the producers rolled the dice 200 times to check this was indeed the case, just in case!). Luke Rhinehart himself will be rolling the dice in London with the audience in the preview week.Also, during the first two weeks if they roll a 36, they will not only receive a FREE ticket, but also a free chocolate eclair.(NOTE: DICE PRICE tickets are ONLY available in person at the theatre.)

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