Changing Rooms by Marc Camoletti at Drayton Theatre

Serendipity Productions presents Changing Rooms by Marc Camoletti, translated by Jonathan Holloway and Anthony Wood, at the Drayton Theatre, a fringe venue in South Kensington, south west London, from 26 Nov to 21 Dec 2013.

The production is directed by Anna Ostergrenand and cast includes Jill Stanford (Nana), Kevin Marchant (Bernard), Maria De Lima (Jacqueline), Milan Alexander (Robert), Anna Lukis (Brigette).

Marc Camoletti was a French playwright and died in 2003, aged 79. He is best known for Boeing Boeing, a farce which originally opened in London at the Apollo Theatre and then transferred to the Duchess where it ran for seven years. Changing Rooms, a lesser know work by the playright, is also a farce.

Bernard, recently appointed to a top government post, is desperate to spend the weekend with his mistress Brigitte. Jacqueline, Bernard’s wife, a successful antiques dealer with a penchant for crashing her expensive cars, is desperately trying to spend time alone with her toy boy, Robert. Nana, the cook/housekeeper and Bernard’s former nanny, is longing for some time to herself away from her employers. Each thinks they have managed to get rid of the others for the weekend and the coast is clear for them to fulfil their desires. But they all contrive to return to the apartment and Nana is left to orchestrate the ensuing pandemonium in her own droll and ultimately self-rewarding manner.

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