Christie's Daughter at Trafalgar Studio 14 Dec

Tickets are now on sale for A Daughter's, A Daughter, written by Agatha Christie under the pen-name 'Mary Westmacott', which opens at the Trafalgar Studio 1 Theatre 15 Dec 2009, following previews on 14 Dec - running to 9 Jan 2010.

It is directed by Roy Marsden, and features Jenny Seagrove, Tracey Childs, Simon Dutton.

Psychological drama that tells the tale of a mother and her daughter as they strive to find happiness in 1940s Britain. Returning home from the Second World War, Sarah convinces her mother to 'live life to the hilt', and ditch her fiance Richard. Meanwhile, Sarah has become involved with cad Lawrence and feels the need to marry him in order to please her mother. Will Ann and Sarah make life decisions based on the other's wishes?

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