Christmas at the Theatre N16 in Balham

Christmas season announced at TheatreN16 in Balham.

The Snow Queen

The Theatre N16 in Balham, south London, has announced details of its 2016 Christmas season which includes a run of a family favourite and a challenging piece by Simon Stephens.

A new adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen by Tatty Hennessy, directed alongside Scott Ellis will run in the early evening performance slot, perfect for families.

"Greta’s brother, Kay, has been acting strange. He’s mean and moody and won’t play games. The Snow Queen must have snatched him, and left an imposter in his place. With her new friend, the wise-cracking, fame-hungry talking Crow to guide her, Greta must set out across the snow to search for her brother in the Snow Queen’s palace and bring him home in time for Christmas. Funny, magic and full of surprises, this new modern adaptation of The Snow Queen is a perfect family Christmas adventure."

This will run alongside Simon Stephens' Yuletide treat Christmas directed by Theatre N16 artistic director Jamie Eastlake and Sarah Chapleo, starring Jack Bence.

"One week ‘til Christmas. A bleak bar in the heart of London’s East End. Landlord Michael Macgraw is setting up for the Saturday punters - all two of them; young Billy Russell, a foul-mouthed football fan and Seppo the barber with an odd fondness for Drambuie and dreaming of Vienna. Christmas, a time for family, goodwill and peace to all men, but not for these three. They’ve barricaded themselves in for the night, and there’s only one thing on the agenda… drinking. But what will the arrival of a mysterious lone stranger mean for their sanctuary? A play that centres on loneliness, inertia and celebrates the humility and humour of Britain’s white working class, you’ll find this Yuletide offering the perfect post-Brexit tonic."

Both productions run from 11 December to 22 December 2016, with an official opening on 12 December.

Tickets are now on sale.

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