Cinderella The Anti Panto at Leicester Sq Theatre 10 Dec

Blind Tiger Theatre Company presents Cinderella: The Anti Panto, by David Shopland & Callum Hughes, at the Leicester Square Theatre Lounge, from 10 to 30 Dec 2012.

Prees material says "Tired of Widow Twanky? Bored of ‘He’s Behind You’? Need an antidote to the usual Christmas Pantomime? Well, this festive season, Blind Tiger invite you to their inaugural ‘Anti Panto’! Join a whole host of dark and disturbing characters as they regale you with one of the most famous fairy-tales in history – the way it was originally intended! Deep from the bowels of The Leicester Square Theare, watch in horror as Blind Tiger weave a bloodhirsty, brutal tale of revenge and redemption, filled with plenty of live music and full audience immersion!"

"Not for the fainthearted – or anyone under 14!"

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