Cool Rider at the Duchess Theatre for one week

Cool Rider - The Cult Musical Sequel In Concert returns to the West End at the Duchess Theatre from 15 to 19 April 2014. The show was recently performed twice in one night at the Lyric Theatre.

Featuring the songs 'Who’s That Guy?', 'Score Tonight', 'Cool Rider', 'Reproduction', 'Girl for all Seasons' and 'Rock-a-Hula Luau (Summer Is Coming)', Cool Rider celebrates the styles, moves and wheels of the 'greatest' high school of all time. It is based on the cult 1982 movie Grease 2, which was released by Paramount Pictures in the wake of the huge popularity of its film predecessor.

The show is directed by Guy Unsworth, lit by Charlie Morgan Jones and has costumes by Christopher Wilmer. The producers are Christopher D. Clegg and James DP Drury.

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