"Coyote On A Fence" to close early 22 may 2004

"Coyote On A Fence" to close early 22 may 2004

Bruce Graham's Coyote On A Fence, which was taking bookings to 17 July, has posted early closing notices for 22 May 2004, after a run of only 4 weeks.

The play opened at the Duchess Theatre on 28 April 2004, following previews from 22 April, to moderate notices from the popular press: NICHOLAS DE JONGH for THE EVENING STANDARD says, “Trite play....purely superficial." ALASTAIR MACAULAY for THE FINANCIAL TIMES says, "Agreeable fare.... but thin." CHARLES SPENCER for DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "Gripping death-row drama....A play of rare power, compassion and insight."

The cast includes: Ben Cross (John Brennan), Alex Ferns (Bobby Reyburn), Jo Martin (Shawna Duchamps), Eric Loren (Sam Fried).

Coyote On A Fence is directed by Sarah Esdaile, designed by Matt Attwood, lighting by Aileen Malone, sound by Simon Slater, and produced by Matthew Mitchell Ltd, and Royal Exchange Theatre .

Death Row in a jail somewhere in America. In adjacent cells sit John, educated and arrogant editor of The Death Row Advocate and Bobby, a racist predator, convicted of an horrific crime. As final appeals approach, one man evokes sympathy, the other derision.

In an America where the President has been responsible for more state executions than any other governor, Bruce Graham’s COYOTE ON A FENCE asks powerful questions about justice and revenge. Does a disturbed upbringing excuse a heinous crime? Is there room for mercy within a judicial system? Can one be innocent though prove guilty? And what is the morality of taking a life for a life?

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