Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley at Brockley Jack

Culturcated Theatre Company presents Crimes of the Heart, by Beth Henley, at Brockley Jack, a fringe venue, in south London, from 28 Sep to 16 Oct 2010.

Directed by Jennifer Lunn, designed by Sophia Mason, lighting by Josh Pharo, starring Hilary Connell, Jennifer Armour, Alice Anthony, Jenna Smith, Davin Eadie, Richard Pepper..

A comedy telling the story of three sisters coming to terms with their past and then taking their futures by the scruff of the neck, grabbing hold of every last bit of joy and love along the way.

Lenora Magrath is 30 today... She has one sister in jail for attempted murder... another sister on her way home to wreak some drunken floozy havoc... a grandfather in hospital with 'all those blood vessels popping in his brain'... and all of that on top of her beloved horse getting struck by lightning and dying - Happy Birthday Lenny!

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