Crown Matrimonial by Royce Ryton at Barons Court 20 Apr

Imperial Productions presents Crown Matrimonial, By Royce Ryton, at the Barons Court Theatre, a fringe venue in west London, 20 April to 7 May 2011

It's 1936 and the American press is agog about the romance between King Edward VIII and the married divorcee they are already referring to as 'Queen Wally'. Edward naively imagines that marriage to Wallis is perfectly feasible; Queen Mary,his mother, swiftly sets him straight. The British people, she says, 'are fundamentally moral; they will disapprove'. Besides which, as King, and head of the Church, it is constitutionally impossible for him to marry a twice-divorced woman. The rest, as they say, is history, and this powerful drama provides a fascinating and moving study of both a major constitutional crisis and an overwhelming issue of private and public conflict.

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