Darker Shores at St Leonard's Church from 7 Oct

Darker Shores at St Leonards Church, Shoreditch, from 07 Oct - 15 Oct 2011.

Written By Michael Punter.

Directed by Dom Ward, produced by Tower Theatre Company, lighting by Stephen Ley, sound by Colin Guthrie, Phil Ley, costume by Ashlin McMillan.

Cast Includes Harry Reeder, Matthew Vickers, Penny Tuerk, Antoinette Alexandrou.

It is 1875, and Professor Gabriel Stokes has taken lodgings on a desolate stretch of the coast, in a house that once belonged to a zealous missionary, who mysteriously vanished. A series of events convince him that the house is haunted, so he enlists the help of an American evangelist, Tom Beauregard, to discover the truth, with the aid of the housekeeper and a young maid, who seems to have a gift of communing with the dead…

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