Dead Static by Steve Jordan at the Hen and Chickens

ManMoth Productions Dead Static, a science fiction comedy by Steve Jordan, at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, a fringe venue in islington, north London, from 11 to 15 Dec 2012.

Starring Cliff Chapman, Adam Joselyn.

The year is - the future. Two complete strangers wake up on a tiny shuttle in the middle of deep space. Tyler, a sarcastic, over-confident entrepreneur, finds himself trapped with Gary, an insufferably chirpy conman. The Syndicate has sentenced them both to death - they have one hour before their shuttle plunges nose-first into the asteroid belt. Can they work together to survive? Are they doomed to irritate each other into oblivion? Or will they thwart an evil empire in time for tea and Deal or No Deal? (Yup, it's still a thing). Join Tyler and Gary on this character-driven space farce and see what fate has in store for them.

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