Deal With It: Double Bill at Barons Court Theatre

Bootleg Theatre Company presents the premiere of two new plays - 'Cookie' written by Annie L. Cooper and 'Torched' by Roger Goldsmith - in a double bill named Deal With It, directed by Colin Burden, which will be staged at Barons Court Theatre in west London from 03 Jun to 08 Jun 2014.


Synopsis: 'Home alone, a phone call gives Alex the news she’s been waiting for. Breast Cancer. What’s a woman to do, apart from drink copious amounts of Gin? Too many questions and too much advice. Who should she listen to – the medics, family or her own quiet inner voice? The biggest question of all – what is this Cancer and what does it really mean to be selfish?'

Please Note: This play contains partial nudity.


Synopsis: Natasha’s Mum’s been a manic depressive for two years. And her Dad’s dead, knifed by youths in a pub fight. But her Mum’s excited. She’s got a boyfriend. ’Who is he Mum? What does he do? What do you know about him? There’s a flasher outside the house. And the sound of police cars. What’s going on Mum? But her Mum’s not saying much.'

No casting has been announced.

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