Dickens Unplugged at the Comedy from 23 May 2008

Dickens Unplugged at the Comedy from 23 May 2008

Dickens Unplugged, a new musical comedy journey through the best of Dickens’ classic works and into the twisted corners of the author’s colourful life, will open at the Comedy Theatre 9 June 2008, following previews from 23 May 2008 - booking to 21 Sep 2008

It is written & directed by Adam Long, designed by Lez Brotherston with lighting by Jon Clark.

The cast includes Joseph Attenborough, Matthew Hendrickson, Simon Jermond, Adam Long, Gabriel Vick

Adam Long was a founding member of The Reduced Shakespeare Company. From 1987-2003, he co-wrote and performed The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), The Complete History of America (abridged), The Reduced Shakespeare Radio Show for the BBC World Service, and The Ring Reduced, a 30 minute version of Wagner's Ring Cycle for Channel 4 television.

"This is the life and works of Charles Dickens as never seen before. It’s fast, furious and in five-part harmony. This unique interpretation will give audiences a light-hearted insight into an incredible man: from his bleak childhood to his complicated marriage, numerous children and his final years. With instruments from acoustic guitar to accordion and harmonica to horns, and using an incredible mix of musical styles, the cast give voice to a host of Dickens' most eccentric and loved characters. Oliver Twist, Tiny Tim, David Copperfield, Miss Havisham, Charles Darnay and many more appear in Adam Long’s 20 original songs which include ‘Aint Goin Back To Blackin’ and 'Far Far Better Thing'."

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