Dogstar by Greg Freeman at Tabard Theatre

McMAC and Redbear Collective presents Dogstar by Greg Freeman, directed by Ken McClymont, at the Tabard Theatre, an 80-seat fringe venue in Chiswick, west London, from 12 to 30 Nov 2013.

Cast includes Ben Warwick (Dogstar), Laura Pradelska (Violet), Rhys King (Clay), Jaymes Sygrove (Jed).

Delves into mankind’s obsession with ownership. In a hot, dusty, western saloon, a mysterious stranger named only as Dogstar discovers everything in town has to be paid for …even dying. And like almost every mysterious stranger, who happens to be “just passing through”, he is inextricably drawn into a battle with Clay, the unscrupulous landowner, in a bid to save the town.  He is a homespun gunslinger in a greedy town and like a game of poker without cards;  passions and stakes just get higher and higher. Can someone really own the whole planet or is Dogstar just a very wily drifter?

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