Dracula at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre

The Okai Collier Company will produce a new production and adaptation of Dracula, adapted from the novel by Bram Stoker, at the Lion and Unicorn pub theatre in Kentish Town, north London, from 10 February to 14 March, with an official opening on 12 February 2015.

Dracula tells the story of newly qualified lawyer Jonathan Harker, who arrives in Transylvania to meet with the mysterious Count Dracula and help him with the purchase of a London home. As a guest in Dracula’s remote and crumbling castle, perched high in the Carpathian Mountains on the borders of Transylvania, Bukovina,and Moldavia, Harker soon discovers a darker side to both his new client and his foreboding castle, resulting in him becoming a prisoner there.

The cast for the production will include Ella Garland (Mrs. Evans / Helga), Geoffrey Grant (Dr. Jack Seward), Cristinel Hogas (Count Dracula), Mitch Howell (Van Helsing), Connie Jackson (Lucy), Grant Leat (Renfield) Mark Lawson (Jonathan Harker), Anthony Matteo (Arthur Holmwood) and Josephine Rattigan (Mina).

The production will be produced, adapted and directed by Simon James Collier. It features movement direction by Omar F. Okai, set and costume design by Christina Pomeroy, lighting design by Michael Edwards and sound design by James Corner.

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