Dying For It by Moira Buffini - Bridewell Theatre

Tower Theatre Company presents Dying For It, a black comedy by Moira Buffini, freely adapted from Nikolai Erdman's The Suicide, directed by Robert Irvine, at the Bridewell Theatre, in city of London, 30 July to 3 Aug 2013.

Semyon Semyonovich, a man downtrodden by life, unemployment, his wife, her mother and a lack of black pudding decides that the time has come to end it all. Despite the interventions of his neighbour Alexander, Alexander's mistress and a master euphoniumist, Semyon believes society would be better off without him. Strangely enough, many people agree with him, but for many different reasons. Suddenly Semyon finds himself having with a room full of visitors each trying to persuade him to die for their cause and vying to take advantage of the 'meaningful heroic death' of an ordinary man - in a biting satire on Stalin's Russia. He must decide what to die for : God, love, the people or the ultimate truth about Russia?

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