Ed Hall announces his first season at Hampstead Theatre

Ed Hall has announces his first season as Artistic Director of the Hampstead Theatre, in north London.

Public Booking opens Monday 12 July 2010

30 Sep to 30 Oct 2010
By Shelagh Stephenson, directed by Edward Hall. A young man disappears on a back packing holiday to South East Asia, leaving his parents in a state of turmoil. Desperation takes them down avenues they would never have previously contemplated. Then they get a phone call claiming that he has been found.

04 Nov to 4 Dec 2010
written & directed by Athol Fugard. Inspired by a true event. A tormented train driver is compelled to visit a windswept graveyard in the Eastern Cape to find the unmarked grave of the woman he unintentionally killed.

10 Dec to 31 Dec 2010
Adapted by Carol Ann Duffy. Dramatised by Melly Still and Tim Supple, directed by Melly Still. Carved from eight dark and dangerous fairy tales from across Europe. Spine-tingling tales from the vain but naked Emperor to Bluebeard’s castle.

13 Jan 2011 to 5 Feb 2011
written & directed by Nina Raine. (World Premiere) Explores the range of clinical and ethical issues that underlie working life on medical and surgical wards in a frenetic London hospital. . Fighting exhaustion and a hierarchical system, the medical staff face personal and moral decisions which affect their lives and those of their patients.

10 Feb 2011 to 5 March 2011
by Enda Walsh, directed by Mikel Murfi. An interpretation of the story of Penelope and her suitors from Homer’s Odyssey. We meet four ridiculous men who play for Penelope’s unwinnable love while facing their inevitable deaths.

10 March 2011 to 9 April 2011
written & directed by Mike Leigh. Ribald comedy with dark overtones which 'combines Leigh’s mastery for observation with a satirical caustic edge'.

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