Expectations by Emma Deakin - Pleasance Theatre

Shaky Isles presents Expectations, a new play by Emma Deakin about miscarriage and infertility, at the Pleasance Theatre's 60-seat StageSpace, north London, from 5 to 24 Nov 2013.

Directed by Stella Duffy, the cast includes Kane Bixley (Richard), Emma Deakin (Amanda), David Eaton (Paul), John Fitzpatrick (Troy), Natalie Ann Jamieson (Scarlett),Mary Price-O’Connor (Wanda), Amie Taylor (Carrie).

Designed by Sohia Lovell Smith , lighting by Dominic Warwick, sound by Martyn Duffy and Mark Trezona.

Where things go wild, lives are lost or won, and we never know who is really in control. Expectations is a game show like no other, pitting the chaos of what dreams may come, against the realities of life. And everyone is playing for the Big Prize.

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