Fifth Column at secret location in London SE1

CoLab presents Fifth Column, an interactive and immersive production, written and directed by Bertie Watkins, from 18 September to 15 November 2014.

This theatrical experience, with scenic and costume design by Anna Reid, takes place at a secret location in London SE1 and the audience have been asked to meet at The Stone Circle outside the National Theatre before the show commences. The exact address will be revealed to audience members around one week before each performance.

Synopsis: "Explores the theatrical potential of augmented reality, near field communication and geocaching (using GPS to locate hidden packages), creating an invisible war where technology is a weapon as audiences seek hidden doors, crack codes and hack enemy systems. Players conduct surveillance on other players as they embark on a race across London to uncover the truth behind the ambiguous Emergency Treasury Fund. This two-part performance transforms London as we know it, taking the form of expeditions on the city’s streets followed by a performance in the Hacker’s Lair. The audience’s actions in the first section decide the story of the second, and further interaction there decides the end. Firing up competition between players, this is a show about discovery and the excitement and advantage of knowing something that someone else doesn’t."

Writer/director Bertie Watkins, who is also Colab's Artistic Director, said: “I'm always frustrated by a lot of immersive experiences and how they seem to offer you agency but actually provide a passive experience. Audiences should work against and with each other, essentially by becoming actors themselves. How do we do this? We give them a narrative to play along with on their phones.”

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