Fourth Monkey Repertoire Season at Theatro Technis

Fourth Monkey Theatre Company presents 3 plays in repertoire at the Theatro Technis Theatre, a fringe venue in Mornington Crescent, north London, from 5 to 23 Oct 2011.

The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Hannah Kaye. In a world run by beggars, thieves, crooks and whores the only way to survive is violence and cruelty. Criminal ringleader, Macheath, has secretly married the daughter of the ruler of the beggars and his many 'wives', girlfriends and whores have to decide whether they are better off with or without him. Everyone betrays everyone else as there can be no loyalty amongst the downtrodden.

The Love of the Nightingale by Timberlake Wertenbaker, directed by Chris Hislop. A Savage exploration of the consequences of lust and brutality. Procne, a beautiful Princess, is given to the Thracian warlord Tereus for defending her native Athens. Desperately lonely, Procne asks for her sister, Philomelle, to visit her in Thrace and for Tereus to guard her on on her dangerous journey. However, the warlord is enthralled by the guileless Princess and his actions start a chain of destruction that only the Gods can end.

Antigone by Sophocles, directed by Natalia Katsou. Two brothers, Polyneikes and Eteocles, fight for the crown of Thebes. They kill each other. The rule is strict and clear: whoever dares to bury Polyneikes will be punished with death. Antigone cannot accept the laws that leave one of her brothers unburied and humiliated. State against ideals, a young woman against a monarch, a whole town, us, inside the arena. How do you get a diamond out of a stone?

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