Gala Charity performance of Contact 30 Mar 03

Gala Charity performance of Contact 30 Mar 03

There will be a Gala Charity performance of Contact at the Queens Theatre, in the presence of HRH The Duchess of Gloucester, to benefit the National Missing Persons Helpline, of which she is Patron, at 3pm on Mothering Sunday 30 March 2003. Proceeds from seats for this performance will go to the charity.

Contact is a show about people trying to connect with each other and is symbolised by agirl in a yellow dress. A television screen in the foyer of the Queen's Theatre displays pictures of missing people. Over 210,000 people are reported missing each year and the majority come from the South East. Many of these people are drawn to London and the West End and it is hoped the new campaign may help to reunite some of them with their families.

Susan Stroman's Broadway dance-musical Contact stars Leigh Zimmerman & Michael Praed

The show is in fact three short dance pieces:

Swinging A Forest glade , 1767; A Servant, an Aristocrat, a Girl on a Swing.

Did You Move?An Italian restaurant, Queens, 1954; A Wife, a Husband, a Headwaiter.

Contact An Advertising Executive, a Bartender, a Girl in a Yellow Dress.

All of the musical accompaniment is recordings of tunes, from classical to pop to swing.

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