Game of Life by Rose Lewenstein at The Yard

Game of Life, by Rose Lewenstein, at the Yard Theatre, in Hackney Wick, east London, from 5 to 22 Sep 2012.

Directed by Russell Bender, designed by Mila Sanders, lighting by Michael Nabarro, sound by Edward Lewis. Cast includes Kate Mayne (Isabel), Catherine Cusack (Caroline), Dickie Clews (Gregory) Stephanie Thomas (Claire), Nick Karimi (Tom).

Game of Life examines the interacting rules and patterns which govern our lives, exploring the spontaneous order which can emerge from the millions of tiny choices we make day to day. An old man burns what’s left of his past. A woman tips her husband’s ashes into the sea. A young couple watch fireflies flash in-sync. City lights and constellations blink on and off like neurons firing in the brain. In this chaotic mess of physical and virtual collisions, Isabel sets out to understand the relationship between thoughts and feelings, between life and death.

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