"Guantanamo"transfers to the New Ambassadors 16 June 2004

"Guantanamo"transfers to the New Ambassadors 16 June 2004

Guantanamo - Honour Bound To Defend Freedom transfers from the Tricycle Theatre to the West End's New Ambassadors Theatre from 16 June 2004, booking to 4 Sep 2004

It is written by Victoria Brittain & Gillian Slovo, taken from spoken evidence. It is directed by Nicolas Kent & Sacha Wares, designed by Miriam Buether, with lighting by Johanna Town.

The cast at The Tricycle , where it has played from 20 May to 12 June, are expected to transfer with the show: David Annen, Paul Bhattacharjee, Daniel Cerqueira, Jan Chappell, William Hoyland, Tariq Jordan, Aaron Neil, Alan Parnaby, Patrick Robinson, Theo Fraser Steele, Badi Uzzaman

Weaving together personal stories, legal opinion and political debate, GUANTANAMO 'Honor Bound to Defend Freedom' looks at the questions surrounding the detentions in Guantanamo Bay, and asks how much damage is being done to Western democratic values during the 'war-on-terror'.

"I don't know what crime I am supposed to have committed for which not only I but my wife and children should continually suffer" British detainee Moazzam Begg.

"Very simply the reason for their detention is that they are dangerous. Were they not detained, they would return to the fight and continue to kill innocent men, women and children. Detention is not an arbitrary act of punishment ... It can save lives and indeed I am convinced it can speed victory" US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

"The purpose of holding the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay was and is to put them beyond the rule of law, beyond the mercy of any courts, and at the mercy of the victors... but history will not be neutered. What takes place there today in the name of the United States will be judged at the bar of informed international opinion" Lord Steyn.

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