Hamish Clark will star in The Albatross 3rd & Main at Park Theatre

Hamish Clark to star in The Albatross 3rd & Main at Park Theatre

TV star Hamish Clark - best known for his roles as Duncan in BBC 1's "Monarch Of The Glen" and Roger in ITV's "My Wonderful Life" - will star as Gene Lacy in the London premiere of The Albatross 3rd & Main at the Park Theatre from 10th January to 4th February 2017, with an official opening night scheduled for 12th January.

He will be joined in the cast by Charlie Allen and Andrew St Clair-James as Spider and Lullaby, respectively.

The Albatross 3rd & Main is written and directed by Simon David Eden, exploring the dark side of the ‘Eagle Feather Law’: US federal legislation which states that only enrolled members of federally approved tribes can legally possess eagle feathers. The law denies many of the indigenous population their sovereignty and makes practicing their ancient rituals and tribal ceremonies illegal.

"Gene Lacy is down on his luck. He's ducking creditors, huge gambling debts, and an ex-wife with very expensive tastes. So when Spider walks into his store with a golden lottery ticket in the shape of a rare and valuable dead bird, doing a black market deal with the nearby Native American reservation seems like a no-brainer. As it’s a felony offence to even be in possession of the bird, the road to turning the windfall into a win for all is fraught with danger at every turn for this backwater band of desperados."

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