Honk by Stiles & Drewe at Tabard Theatre

Pulling Focus Ltd presents Honk! at the Tabard Theatre, a fringe venue in Chiswick, west London, from 10 Dec 2012 to 13 Jan 2013.

Music by George Stiles, Book and lyrics by Anthony Drewe. Based on the Ugly Duckling story by Hans Christian Andersen.

Directed by Madeleine Loftin, designed by Chris Hone, lighting by Alexander Ridgers, choreography by Mark White, musical direction by Tom Theakston.

Cast includes Kathryn Rutherford (Ida), Kate Scott (Maureen/Snowy/Queenie), Lydia Grant (Grace/Dot/Low Butt), Marina Kelman (Henrietta/Pinkfoot/Penny) , Lydia Jenkins (Fluff) , Joe Sterling (Ugly), Tim Oxbrow (The Cat), Alex Papachristou (Turkey/Barnacles, Bullfrog), Benjamin Vivian-Jones (Beaky), Mark White (Drake/Greylag)

As 'Ugly' is hatched under the adoring gaze of his proud mum, Ida, his musical adventures begin. Soon after Ugly is born, he is seduced away by a wily Cat who wants to eat Ugly for dinner. Eventually, Ugly escapes but has no idea how to return home. Along his way, he encounters a beautiful Swan, a flock of Geese and a Bullfrog to mention but a few. Join Ugly on his journey to see if he can find his way home and discover who he really is.

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