House of Atreus by Ozlem Ozhabes at Waterloo East

Theatre Libre presents House of Atreus, by Aeschylus, a physical adaptation by Ozlem Ozhabes, at the Waterloo East Theatre, in south London, from 8 to 27 Jan 2013.

Directed by Kaitlin Argeaux, designed by Edward Ross, costumes by Mela Boev. Produced by Aoife Madden.

Cast includes Orestes Sofokleous, Cheska Moon, Lucia Young, James Williams, Joan Plunkett, Sonnie Beckett, Maria Palmu, Miranda Colmans, Josie Beth Davies, Deborah Ward.

It's 2012 and Orestes, the last son of the Atreus dynasty, arrives home with revenge in his heart. According to God, he must now kill his mother in order to avenge his father’s death and reverse the curse on his house. Along the way he meets his sister Electra who has been praying for his return. Orestes is torn between obligation to his religion and family and his individual morals. When he finally confronts his mother in the flesh, will he be able to shed her blood? Will he end the curse of the House of Atreus? What are the consequences of such an atrocious act as matricide?

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