Into Thy Hands by Jonathan Holmes at Wilton's Music Hall

Jericho House presents Into Thy Hands, by Jonathan Holmes, at Wilton's Music Hall, in east London, from 31 May to 2 July 2011.

This production is part of the Jericho House 1611 Utopia Season.

It is directed by Jonathan Holmes, and starring Zubin Varla (John Donne)

In 1611 John Donne was at the restless centre of a changing world, in which a new Bible, a new science, and a decadent court tore at loyalties old and new. Juggling the demands of an increasingly whimsical King and the aftershocks of a colourful youth, Donne’s attempts to keep body and soul together become increasingly desperate. Into Thy Hands is a play about a man’s struggle with faith and faithfulness.

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