Iris Theatre presents As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Iris Theatre presents As You Like It by William Shakespeare, directed by Dan Winder, in the garden of Actor’s Church, St. Paul’s, in Covent Garden, from 28 Jun to 4 Aug 2012.

Set in the intimate gardens of this historic 17th century English church, the open-air production dives head first into Shakespeare’s celebration of romance and sexual license. With a design influenced by Tim Burton and Victoriana, this atmospheric setting will be further charged by a sound installation by Filipe Gomes and land art by Tessa Battisti, infusing the central London destination with the essence of the countryside. A duke is banished, the capital corrupted, and his daughter Rosalind must flee to forest. Disguised as a boy, she meets Orlando, and a summer of passion, romance, and mistaken identity ensues.

Cast includes Tom Deplae (Jacques), Joe Forte (Orlando), Fiona Geddes (Celia), John Harwood (Adam & Corin), Heather Johnson (Phoebe) , Diana Kashlan (Touchstone) , Matthew Mellalieu (Duke Frederick & Duke Senior), William Reay (Oliver) , Christopher Rowland (Amiens) , William Towler (Silvius) , Emily Tucker (Rosalind).

Designed by Sophie Anastasiou, lighting by Benjamin Polya. Music Director is Candida Caldicot.

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